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Pine Point
Los Pinos
Vertical Conveyor
The Pine Point Project (PPP) will utilize a vertical conveyor to hoist the zinc-lead ore from underground. Vertical conveyors are successfully used throughout North America in both mining and civil applications.

A typical vertical conveyor system consists of a steel cord belt suspended vertically in the production shaft. The belt system Tamerlane plans to use will utilize molded pockets suspended between two strands of steel cord belting to carry the material from the underground to the discharge point. During operation, ore will be loaded at the bottom of the shaft. Corrugated sidewalls and shaped cleats for the steel cord belt system will carry the ore vertically to the surface, where the material will be discharged. The conveyor belt requires a very small area in the shaft and will be contained in the vertical shaft with the “men and materials” cage.

Tamerlane has retained FKC-Lakeshore, a division of Frontier-Kemper Constructors, Inc., to engineer and design systems and equipment related to the vertical conveyor system.

Vertical Conveyor Advantages

  • Consistent feed
  • Higher production rate
  • No shaft infrastructure required
  • Lower power consumption than conventional hoisting
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
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