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A step by step guide to remortgaging

Check your current mortgage doesn’t hold penalties for early repayment or exit fee Many mortgages will hold a charge for an early exit, especially during an offer period where you have been given a special discounted rate. If there is such a charge attached to your current mortgage you will need

Can I Get A Loan With A Bad Credit Rating?

Getting a bad credit rating is a lot easier than many people think! To make it worse you might not even know you’ve got one till you’re far into the loan application process and not people know what actually affects their credit rating. For example, if you’ve taken out loans

What to Look Out for in Family Solicitors

Although none of us like to think of things going wrong in a family unit, there can be times when both parents and children will need some form of legal expertise. The raw emotions experienced during such events can mean we overlook the importance of legal advice, which is why it’s

How to Save for your Long-Term Goals

Saving is difficult. Locking away money which you could be spending right now is a challenge for many of us for a variety of reasons. When it comes to long-term savings goals, regularly setting aside money can be even more of a challenge! Without any positive feedback, it is easy